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  • Our Vision

    Our core vision is for Britarch Schools to be recognized as one of Nigeria’s most pioneering and inspiring co-educational school. In Britarch Schools, we maintain a very high sense of ethics and moral standards throughout the schools, based on the founder (Dr Mrs Philips') simple, direct and straightforward guide to making good choices and achieving academic success.

    We provide “high-end” education and a modern environment for today’s child – a school which competes with the very best.

    We seek to be highly creative and academically challenging, offering a holistic education, which opens up the learning of our children, inspiring passion and cultivating aptitude.

    It is our wish to offer an enriching experience, developing a child’s “8 aptitudes” including their intellectual, artistic, expressive, creative, physical, social and behavioral faculties. In addition, we ensure that each child grows to understand that learning about oneself and caring for others brings the highest rewards in life and the greatest likelihood of long term happiness and fulfillment.

    Above all, the school is committed to education reform, multiple intelligence, creativity, outdoor learning and a pioneering outlook that lies at the core of its ethos.

    To fulfil this vision, we aim to encourage and support all of our children:

  • Our Mission

    We at Britarch, are challenged to achieve our very best and to make the right choices. Britarch children are taught to enjoy learning for life and develop a sense of responsibility for ourselves and others.

    Britarch school is committed to creating and maintaining a rich, diverse and caring community. All are valued, Equal opportunity is practised, All can achieve their potential, Confidence is fuelled, Positive relationships and strong partnerships are built, Effort and success are celebrated, High standards of behaviour is fostered. We are inspired to become confident and caring individuals who will make a positive contribution towards society and enjoy future success. We are Britarch!!